Mix Tuesday-- Pelican Bay Sugar Cookie Mix

You have to know, I'm not a big "mix" girl. However, I've decided to take the challenge of making a mix my own. Introducing Mix Tuesday, I'll let you in on what great mixes I find, and how to make a boxed mix better! Not everything in life has to be complicated!

This week I want to introduce you to Pelican Bay! WOW!!! I found this company while I was back at market, and can I say CUTE, and they taste AMAZING!

First of all the cookie cutter tied right on the outside, then inside is the mix, and sanding sugar to top the cookies. Now, mind you I'm a "the more frosting the better, kinda girl". But honest these are fast, and cute and YUMMY!!

Right now the South Jordan and Provo Kneaders are carrying the easter bunny (cinnamon sugar cookie) as well as a butterfly, and a dinosaur mix (vanilla sugar cookie). I know so totally perfect. Makes 18 cookies.


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