Kneaders Red Hot Valentine's Day Bark

Wahoo! Valentines Day is so close! I LOVE V-day, I always say its the one time of year when you can dress head to toe in Pinks and Reds and it's acceptable! : )I know.....I love Kneaders too!! Here is a great recipe from Kneaders to make this week and more of my favorite Valentines Day recipes to come. Including Raspberry Cream Cupcakes, Cream Filled Chocolate Strawberries, Stuck Up Brownies ........


1 lb milk chocolate (the better the chocolate the better the bark)
1.25 lb white vanilla chocolate
1/4 lb of hart shaped Red Hot candies
1 parchment paper to fit sheet pan
sheet pan 18" by 12"


1. Melt milk chocolate to 120 degrees. Stir continually. Do not over heat or chocolate will bloom. Set aside, at room temperature, about 1/2 cup to top bark with at the end.
2. Place parchment into sheet pan
3. Pour milk chocolate into pan and spread in evenly with an offset spatula.
4. Put in fridge until chocolate is dry and shinny. About 5 min
5. Melt white vanilla chocolate to 120 degrees.
6. Once milk chocolate is dry, pour on the white chocolate. Spread with offset spatula until smooth.
7. Now sprinkle 1/2 lb of Red Hot candies over the top of wet chocolate.
8. Then drizzle with milk chocolate over the top
9. Place in fridge until dry and shinny. About 5 min
10. Take out of fridge - divid into big chunks


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