Anthropologie Apron

Sadly enough, when I ordered the "extra ingredient" apron, I just had to order an extra one for me too! But it's going to be SO CUTE!!

The GIVE A WAY deadline is Jan. 17th 2010 at Midnight MST. In order to qualify you must be a follower-- and if you want to earn "extra" chances, post something on your blog, make treats and send pictures, post something on facebook, get creative, or even just post a comment (then let me know where to look- by commenting, or shooting me an email). As always I do give consolation prizes!!

Coming soon to Stressed Spelled Backward- Desserts! : Chocolate Bread Pudding, and Martha's Blueberries and Cream Cupcakes

GUESS WHAT?? Market is coming- I am so EXCITED!! You know all the cute things you see in Kneaders, this is where we get to go search for the cutest and the best in home decor! EKkkk and lucky me I get to go with my sisters. One of my favorite things to do at market is to find new gourmet food companies!! That's one of my favorite things!!! One entire floor filled with about 800 booths, with their BEST recipes on display! I LOVE IT!! I'll have to give you a update on what I find!

As for now I'm trying to break in some new running shoes -- cause all though it's a blast 3 building 20 floors- thousands of companies to see- it makes my feet and brain tired!



  1. As much as I HATE shopping I'd love to go to Market with you. I can look at food stuff for hours. Plus, if your sisters are as fun as you it'd be a blast! Post pics and fun new companies!

  2. Oh fun! I had to a chance to go to market in Atlanta once - but for some reason I was restricted to one floor, while the person that took me along ventured through the various stores. I still want to go one day and hope to figure out how! Break those puppies in. And - cute apron!!!!

  3. Lailani- that is the show I'm going to! It is so amazing, I'm so sorry that you only got one floor of the amazingness!

  4. Hi Amy!

    I just signed up to follow this cute blog of yours!

    I hope you're having a fun new year!


    "Aunt Becki"

  5. I just started following your blog, and just posted a link to your fan page on facebook. Can't wait to try the bread pudding, hubby extra excited. I would adore a new anthropolgy apron :)