Do I dare say.....I'm back!! GIVE A WAY!!!

After a great break (if you call baby #4, husband finishing MBA, moving, and surviving Christmas at Kneaders a break) I'm back!! In true Julie & Julia style, I have decided to take on Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book. Once a week you can expect an honest report on Martha's cupcakes, no sugar coating here!! Promise! I mean if your going to take the time to make it it should be fabulous!! Now, I'm not a tea loving, expresso worshiping kinda girl, so you'll have to experiment with those yourself-- but please let me know if you do, I would love to report from you!

And in true style let me say I'M BACK with this fabulous GIVE A WAY!! Jan. 17th 2010 at midnight MST is the GIVE A WAY deadline. Check out this cute "extra ingredient" apron from Anthropolopie!

Anthropologie Apron!!! CUTE!

And as alway, I do give consolation prizes!!!

TO ENTER: you must be a follower-- this gives you one chance to win! I do give extra chances to win-- get creative! Then let me know where I should look-- post a comment or shoot me an email! Good LUCK!! My the most creative win and be hot in her new apron!!

Watch for my first Martha Stewart's Cupcakes recipe coming soon. Ohh, I also opened the blog up for comments-- I'll love hearing from you!!



  1. IM sooooo glad your back! I check your blog all the time to see if you have added anything new! Wahoo! I love the apron too. Pick me :)

  2. I'm glad you're back too 8) I know it's past the holidays and all, but would you happen to have a recipe for Pumpkin Bread (similar to Kneaders)?? I've been missing it. 8)p.s. cute apron. 8)