Winner WINNER!

Wahoo! We have a winner! Stephanie Kirk is the winner of the way cute Jessie Steele Apron and Tea Towel Set! You will love this apron and towel set! 

But don't leave yet--I do have consolation prizes! 

Becca Sharp gets an "Indulge" red metal sign for submitting the recipe with the best name-- "Fudgy Make Your Belly Pudgy Brownies". I know isn't that a great name! 


Melissa Tullis gets an "Indulge" red metal sign as well, for submitting a chocolate/peanut butter recipe (which are my favorite)! And for her great feedback! Listen to what she had to say-- "I made your oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies and my husband was in heaven!  We have found our perfect go to cookie recipe.  I'm looking forward to trying out a lot more of your recipes.  This is a great blog." 

Thanks for the great feedback! 
Ladies shoot me an email with your addresses and I will get these great things shipped to you! 

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