Chocolate Strawberry Delight Cake

Recently I had such a fun time doing a presentation at an Enrichment Night. It was about easy cake decorating ideas, cake trends, and short cuts. Here is one of the cakes that I presented, it is fun, elegant and super easy to do.  
Here are some quick tips, and links to all the recipes that I used. 

First of all you can make this cake as easy or hard as you want. Click here for the Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Recipe, or use your favorite chocolate cake mix. ( I always say make it your own) Here is a great recipe to make your chocolate cake mix your own.  

I used 4 cake rounds to build this cake-- which is an easy tip to make your cake look different then usual. 

Next I used fresh whipped cream to fill and frost the cake-- REALLY! I added fresh smashed strawberries to flavor my filling. Make sure you level your cakes, all layers except the top layer. I believe it took about a quart of cream, to make up enough to fill and frost. When filling your cake fill the center and push it out from the center. Do not let the cream filling come out the edges, or your frosting will have pink strawberry streaks. 
After I fill the cake and stack all the layers on, I freeze my cake. It makes it much easier to work with, and won't pick chocolate flecks in the frosting. Frost your frozen cake in layers. Only work one direction, not in a back and forth motion, so you don't pick up as many cake flecks. After first layer, put back in freezer, and when frosting is frozen pull out to put the second layer of frosting on. This layer should come off completely clean-- no flecks of cake. Then place the cake back into the freezer. This is a good place to stop if you are making this a day ahead. 

Next comes the chocolate ganache-- pour over frozen cake, and let drip down the sides. To make this look great, you only really have one shot, don't worry about pouring too much on! I also used the chocolate ganache to dip my strawberries that are piled on top. I simply rolled my dipped tacky strawberries in mini chocolate chips, or nuts to give them a little something extra. 
After your ganache has set up on the cake, pile your dipped strawberries on top, and refrigerate until ready to WOW, I mean serve. 

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