First of all let me say, we had a very scientific process going on today! 
Next, I am so excited to have this blog up and running, and have so many great people on board. I love baking, and am so excited to share it with all with you! Today I'm trying a new cookie recipe, and if I think it's amazing you'll see it soon! 
NOW-- The winner of the Anthropologie apron is Dani! I want a picture for the blog. And yes, you must be baking something in the picture! : )

Shoot me an email and I will get this apron shipped to you! 

There are however consolation prizes for a couple of people this month! 

I heart JustRandi! She is now my Blog Buddy Forever! And for her top performance this month she gets a bottle of my favorite Blue Cattle Trucking Company Mexican Vanilla! 

Next, Tam gets a big cyber hug/ high 5 for nominating Stressed Spelled Backward- Desserts to be highlighted in the month of March at Mormon Mommy Blogs. You can still log on and nominate if you would like too (click here)!  Thanks for the nomination! She too will get a bottle of Blue Cattle Trucking Companies Mexican Vanilla! 

As always more great recipes, and another give-a-way coming soon! Thanks for all the Blog love! Now, go bake something yummy! 

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